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Cerebrum Centers of Los Angeles is located at 11500 Olympic Blvd Ste# 400.

Conditions We Address: Elective Plastic Surgery Recovery (Laser or Traditional) Cerebral Palsy Autism Stroke (Acute or Post) Near Drowning Traumatic Brain Injury Multiple Sclerosis (Acute, Relapsing, Remitting, or Chronic) Peripheral Neuropathy Migraine Lyme Disease Chronic Fatigue Peripheral Vascular Disease Immune System Building Sports Injuries General Health Indications: Osteomyelitis Osteoradionecrosis Non-Healing Wounds Diabetic and Selected Problem Wounds Gas Gangrene Skin Grafts and Flaps (Compromised) Crush Injury Compartment Syndrome Limb Salvage, Reattachment and Amputations Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection Carbon Monoxide Poisoning/Cyanide Poisoning Exceptional Blood Loss Anemia Intracranial Abscess Air or Gas Embolism Decompression Sickness (Bends) Thermal Burns

Cerebrum Centers


Hi, my Name is Robert. I’m married, 40 and live in New Jersey. I’m not being paid to do this, I’m only doing it because its true. I’m writing because I feel compelled to talk about what the cerebrum centers treatment has done for me. I had the program done about a month ago and I found out about it searching online. I felt I had some issues with feeling worried, anxious or just not at peace with myself at least once a week. I just didn’t feel mentally together all the time. I never heard of this treatment before but I was open to trying to out. I called and spoke to Meg who administers the treatment and decided to do it. She is very nice and professional but most of all knowledgeable. I’m not going to get into exactly what is done, you can ask her about that but what I can tell you is it has made a difference in me. The biggest thing I can tell you is I feel more focused and calm in situations where I would be anxious or nervous. Something as simple as that can be the difference in someone having a good day or not. After a month, I still feel those positive effects so hopefully it’s permanent. I think the most important thing for considering whether you want to do it or not is to realize that if you change your brain you can potentially change your life because you wont respond to people or situations in the negative way that you might have before if youd normally be stressed out. People’s perception of you change and this can obviously have an affect on your personal relationships and career. So I would definitely give it a shot before you go see a therapist or consider other options. Its money well spent and worth every penny even it only changes one negative thing about you but it will probably change more.

By Appointment only, Cerebrum Centers of New York will come on-site for series schedulings of therapy sessions.